Meet with Guy DOLIQUE : A new captain for a new departure

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Guy DOLIQUE is the new manager of Sailtech Tahiti company, ideally located in Motu Uta, the company now has four full-time employees but can also call on dormant staff in case of high attendance.

Among its biggest supporters, the company can rely on the Sin Tung Hing Group since 2016, of which it is now one of its subsidiaries.


Living in Tahiti since 2009, former member of the national Navy for more than 25 years, vice president of the Reservists Association, Guy DOLIQUE can now claim that he has docked safely.

"I am passionate about the sea, but not just sailboats or boats. I am also concerned about the environment"
Guy DOLIQUE - Current Manager of Sailtech Tahiti

His professional and personal career is reassuring, because to manage a company like Sailtech Tahiti, you have to know how to choose and take the right course.


The important thing in this environment is the know-how, which is why many Polynesians do not really know the job, because Master-Sailboat schools don’t really exist in real life.

Brice BORGET en plein travail sur une voile
Brice BORGET, Master Sailboat at Sailtech Tahiti

Although Sailtech Tahiti has existed for a few years now, it is still little known today for its services and professionalism. Bored by this situation Guy decides to play cards on the table and decides to make 2018, the year of all challenges.

From sailboats to cruise ships to “poti marara1 “, Sailtech Tahiti is able to work on all types of vessels and for all types of work.

« Recently, a customer asked us to make curtains for his boat »

Sailtech Tahiti a company with diversified trades.


Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Tahiti remains for travelers a passageway both inevitable and strategic.

The geographical sitaution of Tahiti in the Pacific
« In high season, many foreigners cross the Pacific Ocean to our islands. They need to feel safe and confident about the maintenance of their boats. »

Having already earned a quality reputation, especially nearby a loyal international customer base, Sailtech Tahiti now wants to conquer the local market, to do so the company led by Guy DOLIQUE focuses on promoting the various trades that offers Sailtech Tahiti.

To conclude, to the question :

Do you have a last word to tell to future sailors or people who will call out to your services ?

Guy replies :

« At Sailtech Tahiti we are professionals and you will not be disappointed »

1 Polynesian fishing boat used to fish near the coasts.

Article réalisé par Hereiti SING LING
Crédits photos : Hereiti SING LING, Brice BORGET, Guy DOLIQUE.

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